Waves Consultant
of Barbados
When the surf’s up, so am I … and that’s pretty much all year ...
Chelsea Roett
Secret Delight
Here’s a well-kept Bajan secret. It’s where you can find my favorite dish: breadfruit cou cou (when in season) and fried flying fish. I get it from a rum shop/restaurant near the entrance of The Grantley Adams International Airport called Pugs Bar, so it’s a sweet way to say goodbye to Barbados when you’re on your way home.
Pugs Bar
Surf's Up!
All around the island, the waves come from every direction. For experienced surfers, the east coast, especially around Bathsheba and the Soup Bowl, is the place to be. The west and south coasts offer great conditions for those learning to surf and for less experienced surfers. The local surf instructors can steer you to the best spots (including some secret ones!)
Soup Bowl
Bring your camera
Little Bay, St Lucy is a gorgeous place for pictures—not the easiest place to get to but a true gem, with its rugged rock formations and natural pools, blow holes and rock caves. From the cliffs above Little Bay you get a magnificent view of the Northern coastline.
Little Bay
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The Experts of Awesome

The genuine hospitality and friendliness of Bajans, our rich history and culture and how we appreciate and celebrate it, the gorgeous beaches, the safety of our island—Barbados is just one of those places that you need to visit to fully understand just how special it truly is.