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Barbados is such a special place for so many reasons: Most of all, it’s ...
Damien Leach
A summer festival
You don’t have to be Bajan to feel the true spirit of Barbados. Every year in July, the week-long Crop Over festival is a huge celebration filled with music, food, dance, and fun family activities. There’s the Cohobblopot carnival, a costume parade for kids to join, part tents with calypso competitions, and a grand finale with the crowning of the King and Queen of the festival. It’s a true Barbadian extravaganza!
Crop Over festival
Night time is the right time
St. Lawrence Gap is THE place to plunge into the lively nightlife in Barbados. It’s buzzing with nightclubs, food stalls, and music of all kinds. High-end restaurants rub shoulders with karaoke bars and old rum shops. It’s like an international metropolis that comes to life after dinner and rocks until the wee hours.
St. Lawrence Gap
Go for a stroll
The Barbados Boardwalk on the south coast of the island is a wonderful place to stroll by the ocean, especially at sunrise or sunset. It’s complete with panoramas, seats and retreats and blends perfectly with the natural beauty. With the friendly ambience and lively vibe, you’ll feel like you’re a true Bajan.
Barbados Boardwalk
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The genuine hospitality and friendliness of Bajans, our rich history and culture and how we appreciate and celebrate it, the gorgeous beaches, the safety of our island—Barbados is just one of those places that you need to visit to fully understand just how special it truly is.