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of Barbados
I love that although we’re a small island, there are endless options of culinary ...
Javon Cummins
Savour a true Bajan delicacy
Pudding and Souse is a true Bajan favorite and a local staple, especially on Saturdays. Head to the Half & Half shop in Mapp’s Hill to sample the best Pudding & Souse I’ve tasted on island. At Tapestry Restaurant, we serve a more modern version made with special techniques.
Pudding and Souse
Selfie heaven
Bring your selfie stick to Bathsheba—the most Instagrammable place in Barbados, hands down. The natural beauty and village life atmosphere are absolutely striking. You can soak in the shallow inshore pools on a hot day and it’s a great spot for surfing. It’s a one-of-a-kind place you just have to see to believe.
Seaside surprise
Head to Accra Beach for the beautiful white sand and lively vibe. It’s a great place to browse the colorful kiosks for tropical clothing, handicrafts and local jewelry. It’s in a central location and there’s always a good buzz on the beach.
Accra Beach
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The genuine hospitality and friendliness of Bajans, our rich history and culture and how we appreciate and celebrate it, the gorgeous beaches, the safety of our island—Barbados is just one of those places that you need to visit to fully understand just how special it truly is.