Chief Shopping Officer
of Barbados
Barbados’ charm is its warmth—the warmth of our people, the warmth of a Bajan ...
Lesley Chapman
Jump for August
That’s the time for the Bajan Crop Over festival. It’s a fantastic experience for families with kids, especially, the Kadooment Day Parade—because who doesn’t like to get all dressed up and dance in feathers and sequins and bright, beautiful colours?
Bajan Crop Over festival
Have a romantic dinner
The Round House is the place to go for a romantic candlelit dinner. It has a nice, laid-back vibe and gorgeous views overlooking the Atlantic coast … and the menu is fantastic. It’s Caribbean cuisine with American and British influences and totally fresh. They have great wines and signature cocktails to set a really nice mood.
The Round House
Time to Shop
When you’re in the mood for shopping, Limegrove Shopping Center is the place to go. You’ll find an array of top international brands of clothing, shoes, watches and jewelry. You can also catch a light snack, lunch or dinner or dine alfresco at the West Bar. Pop into the art gallery to admire the work of local, Caribbean and international artists.
Limegrove Shopping Center
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The Experts of Awesome

The genuine hospitality and friendliness of Bajans, our rich history and culture and how we appreciate and celebrate it, the gorgeous beaches, the safety of our island—Barbados is just one of those places that you need to visit to fully understand just how special it truly is.